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By inflatablemonster, Dec 18 2017 10:09PM

Some new work in the gallery to finish off 2017. a hellava' year.

Anyway, for everything we lose, we find something new.

Almost completed the new sculpture workshop, 220m above sea level in the silver birch fringed mountains behind lochness. Exciting projects in the pipeline for next year...and a new lurcher called, Marley dog, who mostly has 2 modes, running and sleeping. zzzz

Some new unintentionalist bronzes in the gallery (credit for the unintentionalist art movment goes to Chris Gourley). So yes Unintentionlist art along side my explorations into AV/VJ sculpture, classic bronze work for other artists and Blobism. The new sculptures are direct welded work, using a dusty old mig with spiders living in it from the 80s I found in the workshop before I started renovating it. It didn't work initially but just needed a new plug, a clean, a bang on the top like an old telly...and some new Argon gas and bronze wire of course. I also used an angle grinder and a hand file, thats about it. The work is made from some splatters from the foundry floor, most are melted back down, some were found in the mud and midden pile outside, and some slag bronze scooped from the top of the cruicible before pouring.

Like faces flickering in the fire.

All the best to you for 2018, see you in the future, but for now, here is now.

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