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New Sculpture at The Never Ending Glen, Kelburn Garden Party 2017

By inflatablemonster, Jun 29 2017 07:25PM

A new sculpture just installed at Kelburn Garden Party 'The Never Ending Glen' art trail. Well it is actually an update or a V2 if you like of the sculpture 'A Summer in 2011' I made at Tin Roof artists collective in Dundee in the riotous summer of 2011. I've updated the mobile phone with a selfie stick. Sign of the times. This Never Ending Glen edition as part of the Kelburn Garden Party is titled 'A Concurrence of Causes'

"All things appear and disappear because of the concurrence of causes and conditions.

Nothing ever exists entirely alone, everything is in relation to everything else".

- Buddha

(c2017. Cast Resin, bronze, acrylic paint, found wooden ladder and broken mobile phone with selfie stick)

A meditation on figurative sculpture in our times.

The self, the selfless and the ego.

The figure is first sculpted in clay, then a silicone and rigid shell mould is made.

Finally a resin casting of the clay original is worked from the mould to be combined with found objects and metal.

Inflatablemonster studio.

Scottish sculpture casting & metal sculpture.

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