• Sense Scotland Garden Sculpture Project

    Some new images and information added to the gallery, from a recent outdoor collaboration with service users from Sense Scotland.

    The garden sculpture project started as a series of open ended workshops exploring outdoor sculpture, collaboration and communicating through making. The group began by looking at a variety of examples and pictures of outdoor sculpture as part of an initial drawing session and discussion to generate some ideas. The practical sessions then led on to outdoor making workshops, where the group made individual coil pots and clay heads in the garden. The pieces were fired at the kiln and the group then painted their own work with some very colouful results! The skills practiced at these early meetings fed into collaborative outdoor sessions, where the group were interested in working on a full scale sculpture which would be fired or cast for the garden. There were several ideas considered through the early stages of the project, but a final idea of a tree person, or tree people seemed popular, and also the idea that other people would be allowed to touch the sculpture or could have access to view the sculpture from different places in the garden. The next sessions moved into an increasingly refined level of hands on making, and concentrated on individual expressive mark making with group members working loosely over various sections of the sculpture. The group also shared responsibility for packing up at the end of sessions and making sure the sculpture was stored so it wouldn't dry out before the next session. The final clay sculpting on the project finished in a gap in some clouds, where the tea was much better than the weather and the sculpture looked done. The finished clay original was moved to Tin Roof art studios in Dundee, where plaster moulds were made of the original and these were then filled with a stone/resin mix. The plaster was chipped away to reveal a cast of the groups sculpture which is being displayed outdoors in Dundee. The final figure references contemporary figure sculpture, themes of co operation and support and garden gnomes! Thanks to all the Sense Scotland staff who helped make the project possible, and very well done to the sculpture group, for creating a really interesting piece for people visiting the garden to enjoy.

    You can find out more about the inspiring work of Sense Scotland here:


    As from next week I will be based in Auckland, New Zealand for a while, studying Pacific sculptural styles. Until next time, Kia Ora!


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