• Utopia into Dystopia

    Currently exhibiting a new work 'Just Another Morning Song' as part of the summer outdoor programme at The Sculpture Park, at the Waitakaruru Arboretum, New Zealand.

    The exhibition 'Utopia in Dystopia' showcases the work of 34 emerging and established artists and is curated by Claire Ulenberg. There is a brilliant written introducton to the exhibition here: http://www.sculpturepark.co.nz/exhibitions

    The sculpture Park really is a fantastic setting to exhibit out door sculpture, a real utopia for artists to work in. Well worth a visit if you are in the Waikato area, I can't recommend a visit highly enough. Give yourself plenty time to explore the parks trails and surprises.

    The Exhibition runs 01 December 12 — 17 March 13.

    You can find out more about the exhibition and the Sculpture Park at Waitakaruru Arboretum

    here: http://www.sculpturepark.co.nz/

    Accompanying statement from the exhibition publication:

    'Just Another Morning Song' (2012)

    The phrase 'living like a canary in a coal mine' serves as a metaphor for future concerns, as miners used to take a caged canary with them down mine shafts - zoological early-warning systems for dangerous toxic gas build ups and harmful fumes. The work explores themes of change and hints at the contrasts in the natural beauty & industrial past of the Waitakaruru Sculpture Park, and how this leads to considering environmental challenges we face in the wider modern world. What is modern technological 'progress' in relationship to environmental protection? Something is maybe not quite right in this scene, as this canary appears to be wearing some kind of breathing apparatus. The little canary endures however, to sing his song. As long as the birds keep singing, people know the air is still clear to breath, and the day full of possibilities.

    I've uploaded a few Images from the exhibition to the gallery. Some rather interesting bits and pieces in the pipeline heading into the New Year, will update when I can.

    In the meantime hello 2013 nice to meet you!


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