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By inflatablemonster, Jun 26 2013 05:12AM

I currently have some work, made on the road in New Zealand, submited (by the old style postie) to the Tin Roof members show in Dundee. Tin Roof is a Dundee artist collective based in an old but much loved and improved warehouse at 38-40 Bellfield Street Dundee. The exhibiton runs 21st - 28th June (12-4pm) and entry is free, but you can of course support the artists work and Tin Roof by buying things. From what I hear there is over 30 artists displaying work, and the Tin Roof artists are an eclectic lot so I am pretty certain it will be worth a visit. I'm hoping to experience the exhibition myself via the medium of other peoples photos at some point.

Post exhibition you can find out more about Dundee's Tin Roof Collective here:

(never start a sentence with meanwhile) Meanwhile further south, there is a great little introduction to the sculpture project I am working on for Auckland Botanic Gardens in the Winter issue of Art News New Zealand. The project is Auckland Botanic Gardens fourth biennial exhibition, and is curated by Alexa Johnston, Rachel de Lambert and Richard Mathieson. It is all go on the project at the moment as we sail towards the installation date. The exhibition opens in November 2013 with 23 outdoor sculptures on display amid the gardens' plant collections.

By inflatablemonster, May 1 2013 07:50AM

Sorry it has been quiet on here of late, heres a little update...

Inflatablemonster studio is still currently in a stripped down 'lite' form, on the road in the south pacific. A tool roll, sketch book, smelly pens...the rest we've been finding on the way. I've been pretty busy over the last few months doing some work for a New Zealand sea kayak manufacturer. A bit different from the usual work we do on here yes, but none the less very interesting work for a molding geek like myself and its been a great opportunity to meet and work alongside some wonderful kiwi characters in the glorious industrial south of Auckland. On the sculpting front, its all go as we have just got the green light on a really exciting project that looks like it will keep us busy until Nov 2013. I can't say too much about it all at the moment, but what I can say is, it was a pretty ambitious proposal, and that it is a collaboration with a New Zealand based sculptor, as part of a wider outdoor sculpture festival and I am really excited about the location and the other artists involved... It also is kind of partly about my personal experience of being a sculptor from scotland landing on the shores of Aotearoa...

there you go, little update, big news. See you on the other side.

By inflatablemonster, Jan 6 2013 09:03AM

Currently exhibiting a new work 'Just Another Morning Song' as part of the summer outdoor programme at The Sculpture Park, at the Waitakaruru Arboretum, New Zealand.

The exhibition 'Utopia in Dystopia' showcases the work of 34 emerging and established artists and is curated by Claire Ulenberg. There is a brilliant written introducton to the exhibition here:

The sculpture Park really is a fantastic setting to exhibit out door sculpture, a real utopia for artists to work in. Well worth a visit if you are in the Waikato area, I can't recommend a visit highly enough. Give yourself plenty time to explore the parks trails and surprises.

The Exhibition runs 01 December 12 — 17 March 13.

You can find out more about the exhibition and the Sculpture Park at Waitakaruru Arboretum


Accompanying statement from the exhibition publication:

'Just Another Morning Song' (2012)

The phrase 'living like a canary in a coal mine' serves as a metaphor for future concerns, as miners used to take a caged canary with them down mine shafts - zoological early-warning systems for dangerous toxic gas build ups and harmful fumes. The work explores themes of change and hints at the contrasts in the natural beauty & industrial past of the Waitakaruru Sculpture Park, and how this leads to considering environmental challenges we face in the wider modern world. What is modern technological 'progress' in relationship to environmental protection? Something is maybe not quite right in this scene, as this canary appears to be wearing some kind of breathing apparatus. The little canary endures however, to sing his song. As long as the birds keep singing, people know the air is still clear to breath, and the day full of possibilities.

I've uploaded a few Images from the exhibition to the gallery. Some rather interesting bits and pieces in the pipeline heading into the New Year, will update when I can.

In the meantime hello 2013 nice to meet you!

By inflatablemonster, Nov 2 2012 04:06AM

I'm very happy to be exhibiting a new work (a first for me in New Zealand) as part of NZ Sculpture OnShore in Takapuna, Auckland.

The exhibition has works by 121 artists on the site of Fort Takapuna historic reserve. There will be work by some very well known International and New Zealand sculptors, alongside some emerging talent. The event is curated by Rob Garrett, who I had the great pleasure of chatting to about the history of sculpture in New Zealand at the Auckland Art Week festival. This year’s exhibition is the ninth biennial sculpture show, and is also in support of NZ Womens Refuges.

I have an edition from a new series of work made in New Zealand titled 'Just Another Morning Song' (2012)

I'll post some images in the Gallery section of the website sometime after the opening event.

You can find out more information about the exhibition and the other artists exhibiting here:

NZ Sculpture OnShore opens on Thursday, November 8 and every day through to Sunday, November 18.

Gala Opening on Wednesday, November 7 from 6 – 8pm is a chance to preview the exhibition. There will also be a Twilight Night open to the public until 8 pm on Friday, November 9. Well worth a visit if your in the southern hemisphere!

A big thanks also to NZ based sculptor Lucy Bucknall for giving me the heads up on squeezing some work into the exhibition. Lucy will be exhibiting some new outdoor work as part of the festival. You can find out more about her work here:

I'm off to blow the dust off my welding skills, and read up on rotational molding, for another project. which looks very interesting..

By inflatablemonster, Oct 9 2012 11:43PM

Flyboy films are a UK based production company I've had the great pleasure of working with on a number of projects over the years. With several awards under their belts now it is brilliant to see the team getting some well deserved recognition for their hard work and storming ahead with some really interesting new productions. You can find more about the Flyboy team and keep up to date with their current work at:

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